• Fourteen new principles for designing a new kitchen

    The modern kitchen catering to the increasingly high demand, not only reasonable and practical, clean and beautiful appearance, moderate size, save labor, if you stand in the boss's point of view, but also to save costs, improve efficiency, durable.

    The kitchen in the design of care for this and lose that phenomenon is frequent, look neat and sanitary, actually cooks at work but not open display; the stove is beautiful good-looking, but not very practical.

    Kitchen design is a systematic project, but also a knowledge, to design a new kitchen, should start from the details.

    First, the kitchen area is reasonable and moderate

    Usually, a cooking stove serves 10-12 meals, and with the increase in efficiency, many restaurants have a stove that serves 13-15 meals. The more food a stove provides, the more kitchen area can be saved, and the cost can be reduced accordingly.

    Reasonable allocation of kitchen space, proper facilities, investment costs can be saved. Excessive size, large number of facilities and equipment, power or beyond the needs of kitchen production, one-sided pursuit of advanced equipment, complete functions, resulting in "big horse cart" phenomenon, will increase investment.

    Kitchen area is too small, inadequate facilities or power, production and use of the process, not only need additional investment to meet production needs, but also affect the normal production and production.

    Two, equipment resettlement, re practical

    New or renovation of the kitchen, many bosses for the pursuit of visual effect and convenient customer visit, one-sided pursuit of design effect or buy equipment heavy equipment in appearance, results buy too thin, too light, with a shaking table, a stove burning on the floor, the refrigerator accidentally warming.

    Some of the equipment seems new, advanced features, and the real practical value is not high, such as a lot of domestic transport hookah cover, lifting and passing vegetables ladder. Construction personnel are often withdrawn, the hotel construction personnel exit, the chef took over equipment repairer.

    Three 、 different cooking ranges

    Many bosses have such a misunderstanding: no matter what their own flavor dishes, the equipment is equipped with a wide range of stoves, that only with such equipment, the kitchen is advanced.

    The Cantonese style cooking stove is matched with the cooking methods and the finished product features of Guangdong cuisine. General characteristics of thermal power, easy adjustment, good control, the most suitable for the Cantonese cooking stir crash. Now there are many business Huaiyang, Shanghai dish or Hangzhou cuisine restaurant, still difficult to really wide selection range, many chefs.

    Different cuisine, different styles, different characteristics of food and beverage products, the requirements of the site and equipment, equipment is not the same. Guangdong business to be equipped with wide type frying stove; to stew the catering sales, kitchen pot furnace equipped with large; to make Shanxi pasta for the characteristics of catering, to design large-scale pastry, equipped with large caliber stove, steam stove. Regardless of these factors, not only the taste of finished products is difficult to tunnel, but also the waste of fuel, chef and labor force is amazing.

    A reasonable kitchen design will greatly improve efficiency.

    Four, kitchen compartment should not be too much

    Many people design kitchen, a listen to the boss mentioned that the kitchen should be advanced and tidy, to improve the working environment of the chef, without restraint to expand the area, expand space. Not only that, but also put a huge kitchen for unlimited space, each operation closed to each other, see, is not, can not only increase the cook goods handling distance and inconvenient to take care of each other, improve work efficiency, more prone to security risks.

    Five, kitchen ventilation must pay attention to

    No matter what kind of exhaust equipment is adopted, the most important thing is to make the kitchen, especially the side dishes and cooking area form negative pressure. Negative pressure means that the amount of air discharged is greater than the amount of fresh air added to the kitchen, so that the kitchen can keep the air fresh. The exhaust fumes from the kitchen at the same time, can not be ignored, the fire bureau of oven furnace, steam box, steam boiler and steam disinfection cabinet, dishwasher produced sewage, waste gas, to ensure that all areas of the kitchen smoke as much as possible not to diffuse and retention. The kitchen ventilation and exhaust system including exhaust hood (oil net type hood, hood type water crossing), exhaust fan (centrifugal fan, axial fan, etc.) to send fresh air pipe and air conditioning system, exhaust pipe, exhaust ventilation, effective must meet the following criteria:

    1. kitchen and pastry room heat processing room ventilation, of which 65% by hood exhaust, 35% completed by the fresh air supply pipe and fan ventilation, ventilation is generally 40 times per hour. (frequency can be set on the product).

    2., the exhaust hood suction speed should not be less than 0.5 meters / sec (buy products have specifications), exhaust pipe speed shall not be greater than 10 meters / second (buy products have specifications).

    3. kitchen and pastry room heat processing between the secondary air volume is about 70% of the exhaust air, the room pressure value should be less than 5 kPa (measured in the relevant instruments), make the kitchen fume smell not to the restaurant to drift, insulation and heat insulation effect of taste.

    Six, Ming file health first

    Some chefs in the design of the file deliberately pursue the sense of the scene, some results are not suitable for the file processing products to the front, make the restaurant The atmosphere was foul.

    When designing the file, we must pay attention not to increase the smoke and noise of the restaurant, because the screen is to show the window to the guests, the design should be exquisite and beautiful, the production is second, and the hygiene is the first. Some of the dishes in the kitchen is only suitable for processing, it is not necessary to emerge in its totality stalls.

    Seven, kitchen floor anti-skid water absorption

    Some chefs use common tiles for the sake of cost saving when designing kitchen floors

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